Chocolate Machines
Having been founded in 2001, our firm has successfully carried out many projects about chocolate sine that time. Showing to market that chocolate in Turkey cannot be done only by big producers but also can be done by small ateliers with minimum capitals, our firm has made many successful and big turnkey projects.

As we know that being a World Brand requires no compromsing on the quality we are, positively, walking through our way with this notion.
Eminoğlu Makina Çikolata Eminoğlu Makina Çikolata Eminoğlu Makina Çikolata Eminoğlu Makina Çikolata

The Chocolate Machines We Produce
  • Special Chocolate Lines
  • Coating Machines
  • Chocolate Dragee Coated Sugar Facilities
  • Fat melting tanks in the Size of Desired Dimension.
  • Horizontal Preliminary Preparative Mixers for Desired Capacity
  • Chocolate Ball Mill
  • One Shot Depositor Systems
  • Double Depositor Filling Machines
  • Filling Machines with Full Automatic Cooling Tunnel
  • Chocolate Tempering Machine
  • Dragee Coating Pans
  • 3D Chocolate production machines
  • Resting Tanks for desired size
  • Chocolate Pipe Fitting Among Machines
  • Chocolate Cream Bowl Filling Machines
  • Conveyor Systems, Spiral, Private Mixers, etc